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Teal™ Military Laser
Teal™ Military Laser
Teal™ Military Laser
Teal™ Military Laser
Teal™ Military Laser
Teal™ Military Laser
Teal™ Military Laser
Teal™ Military Laser
Teal™ Military Laser
Teal™ Military Laser
Teal™ Military Laser
Teal™ Military Laser
Teal™ Military Laser
Teal™ Military Laser

Teal™ Military Laser


Going Viral On TikTok - Limited Stock!


✓ Focusable quick burning beam 

✓ Rechargeable batteries and charger included

✓ Incredibly strong visible beam, perfect for astrology or laser lovers alike

✓ Comes with 5 pattern caps to make your own light show

This military grade laser is extremely powerful, useful, and fun. It can be used in a survival situation to start fires and works as a great flare gun replacement. It's also loads of fun for laser enthusiasts and pyros alike. 

With rechargeable batteries and a charger included, you have everything you need to start using it as soon as you get it!

The focusable beam can be focused on the object you are burning to make it light up extremely quick. The bright beam will leave you in awe!


What you'll get:

1 x Military Grade Burning Laser

5 x Light Show Caps

2 x Rechargeable Batteries 

1 x Dual Battery Charger 


We are currently going absolutely viral on tiktok, so get yours while you can. You won't find a laser like this anywhere else. 



The ultimate drink holder for your sofa, is the original and patented drink coaster which securely holds all your favorite drinks - hot or cold - on your sofa, couch, armchair or recliner (fabric or leather).


Designed to wrap over any armrest measuring at least 14cm / 5.5” wide with flat to gently sloping sides. Skinny or narrow-armed couches should be avoided. Alternatively, you can lay Couch Coaster horizontally, tuck it between seat cushions and pillows, or drape it over the back-rest on any upholstery.


Has an ergonomic design that caters a wide variety of mugs, cups, flasks and tumblers up to 9cm / 3.5” wide (incorporating a clever slot for cup handles), while the adapter supplied creates a snug fit for smaller drink-ware e.g. bottles and cans up to 7cm / 2.75” wide.


It is made of a flexible, weighted, BPA-free silicone body with tacky base (42cm / 16.5” in length), and provides optimum support and integrity for your drink in an adjustable holder (5cm / 2” tall). It’s the perfect substitute for any bulky side table, tray, caddy or organizer. 

Make Your Sofa, Drinks Ready!

The Couch Coaster is specially designed to fit perfectly on most couches and sofas. It was also thoughtfully made to fit most drinks and holders, even those with handles. A luxurious- looking item to match your exquisite couches and sofas. No more balancing acts or holding your drink while watching your favorite TV programs! 


  • Easy to use, clean and attach to the sofa.
  • Can be adjusted to fit any mugs, glass, bottle or cup and holds your drink upright and stable. 
  • Takes away the struggle of holding your drink while enjoying your time watching your favorite shows, or reading a book. 

A True Life Saver! 

This Couch Coaster prevents knocks, spills and stains, leaving your sofa spotless. It conveniently allows you to keep your drink within easy reach while you enjoy your relaxation time. It is such a perfect alternative for space-taking coffee tables and helps save space by storing phones, remotes and more.

Get it now !

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