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Snooze Headphones

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Going Viral On TikTok - Limited Stock!

Snooze Headphones
Snooze Headphones
Snooze Headphones
Snooze Headphones
Snooze Headphones
Snooze Headphones
Snooze Headphones
Snooze Headphones
Snooze Headphones
Snooze Headphones

Snooze Headphones


Going Viral On TikTok - Limited Stock!

Wireless Music On Demand

Bluetooth 5.0 delivers sound without the fuss of wires. Go beyond just blocking noise: Replace it with something you'd rather listen to. We recommend relaxing soundscapes or ASMR.

Light-Blocking Coverage 

You can now sleep anywhere, even without blackout curtains. The contoured mask snugly covers all gaps, even at the nose area, and completely blocks out all light.

Unbeatable Comfort 

Soft memory foam cradles the face and the delicate eye area. On the other side, plush fabric stays soft and smooth. This reduced pressure on the eyes and makes it stand out from the competition. Sleeping well should feel luxurious too.

Hygienic and Washable 

On top of everything, it is so easy to keep clean. To clean, simply remove the earplugs and Bluetooth module from the eye mask, hand-wash it with a skin-friendly detergent, and hang dry. Now, it's clean and ready for your next snooze. 

Snooze Soundly

It is a Bluetooth sleeping eye mask designed to help you sleep better. Our eye mask blocks out excess sound and light to improve your sleeping environment. On top of this, choosing your own music gives you a head start on relaxation, especially if you've had a stressful day. We feel that Snooze Headphones will help take care of those worries for you, so you can get to sleep right away.


  • Easy to operate and relieves stress
  • Improves the quality of sleep and relaxation
  • Compatible with most gadgets and can be taken when travelling

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed!

Snooze Headphone is a 2 in 1 Bluetooth V5.0 sleep mask headphones. It is not only a Bluetooth headphone that you can use to listen to music, but also a Contoured Design Eye Mask that can help and improve your sleep quality!

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