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Crystal Infuser Water Bottle

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We only use our proprietary reinforced Anti-shock glass, meaning our bottles are not only more shatter-resistant, but also resist thermal shock (cracking caused by sudden temperature change).  Our bottles are the only ones available with a fully disassemble crystal point base, allowing you to remove the point and experiment with different crystals without having to purchase an entirely new bottle!


Like the taste of natural spring water, but not the price? Then this is the product for YOU! We take the minerals from the earth and put it in your bottle so you have your own crystal treated, high-quality infused water from the comfort of your own home!


 Limescale and other unwanted deposits can build up on the base of the crystal, our design allows you to completely disassemble and clean your bottle and changeable crystal, something not possible with other bottles. This makes our bottle PERFECT FOR FRUIT INFUSION!


We only use the finest ethically sourced crystals from South America and Mozambique, no fake dyed crystals here 🙅‍♀️ If you really want to utilize the natural healing effects of a natural crystal infused elixir then accept no substitute


This drinking bottle is yet one of the best ways of integrating the healing energy of crystals into our body on a cellular and vibrational level. Use your intuition to choose your very own crystal water bottle! Amethyst will help you clear your mind of negative thoughts, get rid of work-related stress and anxiety! Especially great for promoting good sleep! Rose Quartz will open your heart and attract all types of unconditional love to your life – self-love, love for your family and friends, romantic love!


  • CRYSTAL INFUSED WATER - Rejuvenate yourself with the energy of a Natural Crystal Elixir. Gemstones & crystals have been used since ancient times for their high vibration and healing properties. Infuse your life with sacred crystal energy! A lovely gift for loved ones!
  • HIGH QUALITY AND HEALTHY – No harmful plastic or toxins. All materials are food-grade approved. The stainless-steel lids will not tarnish or corrode.
  • SUPERIOR BOROSILICATE GLASS - borosilicate glass is created using higher temperatures than normal glass and won't crack with temperature changes. Because of this, it's used in high-end restaurants, laboratories and wineries.


Drinking plenty of water is beneficiary on its own but water in the crystal bottle is always being charged with pure crystal essence and has healing powers, boost natural health, focus, spiritual growth by drinking water in the crystal bottle. Definitely the perfect bottle for yourself and for your loved ones. 

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