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Charger Spy Cam

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Real-Time Live-Streaming

Now you can view real-time live streaming from your phone anywhere you go! This ensures you have eyes and ears in your home in seconds! Just take your phone out of your pocket and watch!

Motion Detection and Auto Recording

Provides the highest quality safety and security by utilizing the latest technologies. The device will begin to record when it detects motion and alert you when it is doing so. A total spy!

Low-Light Capture Night-Vision Camera

The camera has the ability to capture video almost 24/7 to ensure absolute security. In situations with low amounts of light the device can still capture footage and have it ready for you to watch at any time!

Plug and Play -WIFI Compatible 

Control the tiny camera wirelessly with any 2.4GHz wifi. Place it anywhere in your house! This ensures the camera has an outstanding view of the area to capture whatever is it you are trying to record.

Spy Like a PRO!

No more expensive, bulky, and painfully obvious security cameras! This Charger Spy Cam provides the best quality of any charger camera in its class and is remotely controlled by ANY smartphone in real-time! 


  • Easy to Use and Install - No need to set it up with wires and cables. Just plug it to any socket like you would on a normal charger and connect to your phone via app and it's ready to go!
  • Portable-Keep your belongings safe and monitored wherever you are! You can take it anywhere you go and plug it on any socket in your hotel room, no problem!
  • Discreet and Clever - The entire body of this security camera looks like a normal USB charger, which can charge all electronic devices, meanwhile the hidden camera allows you to monitor your house without drawing any attention. 

Protect Family and Personal Property!

Our Charger Spy Cam lets you keep an eye on your children, landlord, lodger, roommate, babysitters, nannies, caregivers, elderly parents, or employees at home, bedroom, hotel, hostel, work, office, hospital or anywhere else. Get notified straight away for any suspicious movement in your home. It is the ultimate outlet camera!

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