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Black Panther Push Start Cover

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Going Viral On TikTok - Limited Stock!


A unique design to surely capture anyone's eye. It instantly adds a luxurious look to your car's interior. The curvature and stunning finish of the cover will compliment the over all look of your car. 


This one-key start button cover is  made from High Quality Aluminum Alloy material,  and will not be deformed. The entire surface of the metal has polished plating which makes it anti-scratch, durable and premium to touch. 


The push start button cover requires no modifications and drilling to your car.  Just peel the adhesive and stick it directly to your push button. 


This start button cover fits 90% of the car models. No need to worry about making adjustments or the cover not fitting your push start. 

"I Am Your King Now!"

A tribute to the great Chadwick Boseman. "The Black Panther". The first Marvel movie to win an Oscar and is truly ground-breaking in many ways! Let the king protect you in your journey! 


  • Easy to install and attach to your push start button. Leaves no damage and requires no effort. 
  • Adds character and premium feels to your car interior. 
  • Takes away the risk of your kids pushing the start button


This is no ordinary push start cover especially for Black Panther Fans.  More than just a car embellishment, this push start cover gives an instant feel of the very spectacular Marvel movie "The Black Panther" inside your car! 

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